Conference Agenda - Riyadh

  • Day 1 - MESCON Conference

08:00   Coffee and Registration

09:00  Welcome Note from MESA



09:15     INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE: The Benefits of Security Automation and Orchestration for CISOs

Must Humans Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? - The speaker will demonstrate why fully unattended and unconditional automation is a path and not a turnkey. Dario will also share the results of a 100+ CISO Survey on this topic, proposing a gradual and effective approach to security automation and orchestration based upon Supervised Active Intelligence. All the above with the goal of lowering the reaction time up to 80% and guaranteeing the Return on Investment.

Dario V. Forte - Founder & C.E.O – DFLABS

10:20     CISO INSIGHTS PANEL: Cybersecurity Innovation & Future Traits

The digitalization phenomenon in the hyper connect world has made the businesses think seriously about the cyber threats as it impacts the business growth and digital economy. This session discussed the latest security tactics and strategies from the regional and global security executives.

10:50     Headline Keynote: Adversarial Thinking — The Single Most Effective Way to Improve Your Security
In Cybersecurity is full of hits and misses. With an every changing threat landscape, it’s easy to end up trying numerous new defences, only to watch them fail. After studying the wins (and the losses) for the last two decades, we’ll explain what Adversarial Thinking really means, and how it can fundamentally change your approach to security.

Shenoy Sandeep –AVP– Spire Solutions

11:15        Networking Coffee Brneak

11:45     EMERGING SECURITY PANEL: Defending your business: Earlier Detection and Effective Response?

Organizations today are preparing themselves against the unknown and unseen attacks. The cyber threats have evolved from relatively simple to highly complex targeted and sophisticated attacks. Unfortunately, organizations have to defend themselves at all levels and have a robust incident response. However, the time taken to detect an attack and track the activity of adversaries on you network is a challenge. Join us in a conversation about what businesses can do to reduce time for detection and response to improve their ability to protect their critical assets.

12:15     Guest Keynote : Known vulnerabilities can become your major risk – a process approach to tackle the problem

Advanced threats and zero day attacks are hot topics on cyber security, but common vulnerabilities remain a major issue for CISOs. The overall risks around vulnerabilities are known. However the rapidly changing and new technologies are making IT environments more complex and thus making the vulnerability management more challenging. In this presentation we cover the challenges posed by vulnerabilities and look at them in the light of example breaches. Further we look into a process approach to tackle the problem.

Jukka Puputti – Regional Director – F - Secure Corporation

12:45     ASSOCIATE PARTNER KEYNOTE: Emerging Cyber Threats & Attack Trends:

The threats that will keep your security team awake this year – and what can you do to help. The session highlights the attack trends expected to be on rise in 2017 and emphasizes on the lessons to be learnt from the recent past attacks on various organizations.

Ahmed Qurram Baig, Co-Founder – CISO CONNECT

13:15        Lunch & Prayer Break


14:30     Audit and Compliance Panel: Internal Audit Challenges with rise in IoT & FINTECH

How digitization is transforming the financial sector opening more opportunities for startups and challenging the conventional financial service providers. On the flipside, disruption offers new opportunities not just for FinTechs, but also for banks. Banks can even drive the digital transformation ahead themselves, open up new sources of revenue, and spearhead developments. With rising Cyber Fraud, Digital Risk and Regulatory Compliance concerns, the internal audit team also needs a transformation. This panel provides insights on evolving trends in Internal Audit function to keep up the the digital transformation.


15:15     EXPERT SESSION: Advanced Persistent Threats

The business cost of cyber defence will run into $B’s again this year. So why are we constantly hearing about another major breach in which thousands or possibly millions of business customers are adversely impacted? Join Tripwire’s Paul Edon as he discusses the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and how we can fight back

16:40        Closing Remarks from Chair Person

16:45        Closing Remarks from MESCON

15:45        CLOSING Coffee Break

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